The City

Dynamic and cosmopolitan Santiago is a vital and versatile city. Home to many events showcasing the very best of Chilean culture, it also hosts superb international festivals of sound, flavor and color. The Chilean capital breathes new life into all its visitors!

The city’s diversity shines through in its many contrasting neighborhoods. Set out to explore the city streets and you’ll discover beautiful and original art galleries, design shops and handicraft markets, as well as a great selection of restaurants, bars and cafes. Night owls can enjoy a taste of lively Latino nightlife in hip Bellavista!

Visit downtown Santiago to get a real feel for the city. Learn more about the country in its many fine museums, or wander around the famous Central Market – a gourmet’s delight

Fans of the great outdoors can head for the hills that surround the city and marvel at panoramic views of Santiago with the magnificent Andes as a backdrop. Take the opportunity to grab a picnic and visit one of the city´s many parks

You’ll find first-rate shopping opportunities in the stylish Alonso de Córdoba neighborhood and in the city’s many modern malls.

The capital of Chile is a city full of contrasts, where heritage and modernity have a friendly co-existence. Aside from being a cosmopolitan city, its safety and economic stability make it a very attractive destination.


Relax and share a drink with friends in Barrio Bellavista. Known for its bohemian history, this is the ideal place to relax. An endless list of restaurants, pubs, bars and clubs await you every night because Bellavista never sleeps!

During the day you can visit the house-museum, La Chascona, which belonged to the poet laureate Pablo Neruda. You can also visit several local theaters such as San Ginés, Centro Mori and the Bellavista Theater, among many others.


Do you like to go where the fun is? With its excellent shops, tasty and varied restaurants, and fun nightclubs, Providencia welcomes you in the heart of Santiago's festive scene. Walk through this area of the city and visit the Sculpture and Balmaceda Parks. Enjoy the bookstores, cafes and small boutiques of the Italia district and the intense nightlife of Bellavista.

Put on your shoes and test your strength by climbing to the top of Cerro San Cristóbal and walking or cycling through the Metropolitan Park of Santiago. Once you get there, take out your camera and take a panoramic photo of the Metropolitan Valley.


The Parque Bicentenario (Parque Bicentenario) is a natural park located on one side of the capital's financial district, better known as "Sanhattan". Discover this modern and well-kept park and enjoy walking through its extensive meadows.

Observe swans and other birds in its two artificial lagoons and have fun in its themed spaces for leisure activities and outings with family or friends. Bike through the park, jog along the park walkways and pack your picnic for an entire afternoon of relaxation.


Admire the amazing buildings that will accompany you as you walk through the financial district, on the western side of Santiago. See the largest skyscrapers in South America that are proof of the boom that Santiago has experienced in recent decades.

Have fun with the wide range of activities such as art galleries and shopping, and enjoy the gastronomy of the most exclusive restaurants in the capital. Visit the Nueva Costanera and Alonso de Córdoba boutiques or go to one of the largest shopping centers in the capital.


Much of the history of Chile has been written in the Plaza de Armas and its surrounding buildings. Walk through its streets to find old buildings such as the Santiago City Hall, the Cathedral, the National History Museum, the Courts and many others. Or just sit back and enjoy busy city life on the classic Paseo Ahumada.

The city center offers a variety of places to eat. The elegant restaurants welcome customers who walk through the streets. However, if you're looking to recharge your batteries, don't miss the famous picadas, where food is plentiful.


Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, see interesting works of art in a gallery, or buy a good book. This is the Italia District (Barrio Italia); a maze of shops and their windows that invite you to walk the streets and buy avant-garde designs or small special collectibles.

Get lost among the antique shops, Chilean food restaurants and international cuisine. Enjoy live music, interior design, lighting and clothing stores, bars, and many, many bikes.


Discover Cerro San Cristóbal, as the locals call it, while walking through the largest urban natural area in the capital city, which is part of the Metropolitan Park. Put on your shoes and walk, jog or bike to the top of Cerro San Cristóbal. At the top you can quench your thirst with a delicious nickname with huesillo.

Enjoy a panoramic view of the city, looking from above and take some snapshots. Visit the Metropolitan Zoo, located at the top of the hill, where you can see many animals from around the world and from Chile.


Do you see yourself eating a half-pound empanada? Discover the traditions of Pomaire, a small town near Santiago. Its clay pottery, which is a brown clay, is represented in cups, pots, plates and animal shapes, which are a perfect souvenir to take home.

If you want to save for your next trip to Chile, you have to buy one of the typical “clay piggy banks”, which you would then have to break to get the money you have saved.